Durability and resistance to corrosion, abrasion and solar radiation


Lamierpluss is a pre-varnished steel sheet (“SPS system”) particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and to the most rigid conditions. Its specific characteristics make it especially suitable for interventions in roofing, curtain walls and sheet metal applications in the building sector. It is composed by a combination of anti-corrosive primer with a high thickness and a super polyester top coat, with the addition of particles of polyamide resin that give great resistance to abrasion.

Lamierpluss is suggested both for applications in standard environment and at high altitudes, where sun radiation is severe.

It can be used both for roofing and façades. Moreover, it is long lasting and highly resistant to corrosion, it keeps its colour unaltered for many years. The zinc support with Zn 275 is another guarantee of resistance to perforation, with an indicative durability of 15 years.

Physical characteristics

  • 0.55 for standing seam
  • 0.60 for 1000 and 1250
  • 0.80 for 1000 and 1250
  • 250/280/330/400
  • 417/500/600/670
  • 750/1000

Classi prodotti, spessori e categorie di resistenza alla luce RUV secondo EN10169.

Sistema Sacap Grammi Zn Spessore Primer Spessore Top coat Classe RUV
SPS Z275 SP319 - 15um 20um 4

Durata della garanzia per la non perforazione della lamiera e non distacco della vernice in anni.

SPS Tipo di garanzia Ambiente Altitudine* (m s.l.m.)
RC2 RC3 Fino a 900 m Da 900 a 1300 m Da 1300 a 1700 m Da 1700 a 2100 m Sopra 2100 m
Parete Corrosione 15 12 100% 90% 70% 50% E
Adesione del rivestimento 10 8 100% 90% 70% 50% E
Tetto Corrosione 15 12 100% 90% 70% 50% E
Adesione del rivestimento 10 8 100% 90% 70% 50% E
*oltre 42° lat. Nord
E = non automatica, da valutare

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    Lightness. Elegance. Malleability. Exclusivity. Warranty.

    Alupluss means practicality, flexibility and beauty, born from the research, experimentation and production of Sacap. Alupluss aluminum is winning in terms of malleability, reliability and elegance.

    Alupluss is available in different ranges, Elegant, Distinct and Similar and it is perfect for various applications: from simple sheet metal applications to more complex shapes and projects.

    With Alupluss you can have:

    • a wide range of available accessories, like pipes, collars, tubes and all is needed for sheet metal applications;
    • different possibilities for roofs and façades of important buildings.

    It's great resistance, it's performances and it's reliability are guaranteed by rigorous quality tests.

    Alupluss keeps its characteristics unchanged in time, it does not change during bending process, it lasts at extreme temperatures and resists to atmospheric agents. The great advantage consists in the perfect combination of the natural resistance to the metal corrosion and the super polyester high colour resistance varnishes. All these elements make Alupluss the aluminum with the most high performances. It’s a very exclusive material that meets architects’ needs for prestigious renovations, new buildings marked by important design, thus enhancing every small or big space at the best.

    Alupluss: pipes, tubes, collars, sliding elbows, terminals, hinges, tie-beams and any other accessories.

    Alupluss Elegant


    A brave choice! It’s the aluminum that gives shape to your ideas.

    This is a range with hot tones tending to red, perfect for every architectural style.

    Its force is given by its elegance, that increases the possibilities of use.


    For those who love past but work for future.

    It looks intense and linear, perfect for more classical and modern applications.

    Light enhances its characteristics, creating architectural volumes and a game of reflexes and contrasts. Distinct is beauty unaltered in time.

    Alupluss Distinct
    Alupluss Similar


    Alupluss to recover the beauty of tradition and innovation.

    The classical copper effect, with a living look, this is the most chosen range. Traditional and innovative at the same time, it is a very good solution for new kind of applications.


    20 years of Sacap warranty
    for corrosion and colour variation.


    • Thickness mm 0.8 and 1.0 - AL 3005 H 14 for sheet metal applications and façades;
    • Thickness mm 0.7 - AL 3005 H12 for roofing;
    • Both responding to the regulations UNI EN 485.


    • Super polyester varnishes that have undergone tests for colour variation;
    • QUVA regulation EN 13520-10 - 2000 hours, with colour variation ≤ 3;
    • UV class resistance according to EN 10169/2 - RUV 3 on a scale of 4.
    • Thickness 0.7 width 650 and 1300;
    • Thickness 0.8 width 1000 and 1250;
    • Thickness 1.0 width 1000 and 1250;


    Thanks to all Alupluss characteristics this product has a warranty of 20 years on corrosion and colour variation in conditions of normal environmental pollution and if installation rules are respected.

    Our 45 years of expertise at your disposal.

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      Supreme Quality Aluminium

      Those who choose IOROI, choose something more!

      Because it is aluminium that speaks of taste, of ability to choose, of passion for design.

      It is aluminum that speaks of the buildings of those who live and live in them. In Ioroi there is all the beauty and design, technology and quality, superiority and reliability that are expected.

      All IOROI products offer a unique resistance and superior with regard to pre-painted aluminum.

      IOROI aluminum has no limits. It’s the great new technology of the new building epoque. With IOROI the most modern and refined styling, the most resistant and malleable styling is enriched by a great idea: a strong and versatile aluminum, perfect for every project also for futuristic designing, for classic buildings to restore, to completely enhance every project.

      The IOROI range offers all the useful accessories to manage freely and safely the rainwater collection. The extreme malleability and resistance of the alloy make IOROI aluminum ideal for the development and production of all finishing elements, even of the more complex ones.

      IOROI is:

      • Standing seam systems for roofing and façades;
      • Diamond shingles;
      • Rectangular shingles;
      • Tiles;
      • Interlocking panels for façade;
      • Sine wave sheets;
      • Finishing and gutter accessories.

      Maximum malleability and resistance

      Standing seam

      The IOROI aluminium is the ideal product for the creation of the most modern roofing and façade systems. Thanks to the great malleability and resistance of its alloy the IOROI aluminium is the perfect material for the development and production of all the standing seam systems, both for complex double lock standing seam roofing and for elegant single lock standing seam façades.

      Modernize in tradition

      Diamond shingles

      The diamond shingles are perfect for roofing renovation that combines architectural tradition and the properties of resistance and lightness of IOROI aluminium. New buildings, even the most complex geometrical shapes, can be improved through this system of ventilated façade with diamond shingles.

      Compositional flexibility

      Rectangular shingles

      Thanks to the various possibilities of combination of the rectangular shingles, you can customize the aspect of the building envelope playing with the different formats and with the great creativity of this system. Through the different formats you can create traditional roofing or even cover huge surfaces.

      For an elegant roof tiling


      These tiles are studied as a roofing cladding that combines both traditional architecture and the performances of aluminium. Thanks to their very low weight and to the particular hidden fixing system, tiles can be used both in renovation and in new buildings, reaching elegant solutions that do not need maintenance.

      New life to the façade

      Interlocking panels

      Interlocking panels for façades are one of the best solutions for elegant and well designed projects. Available in different combinations of centre-to-centre distance et joints, the interlocking panels are perfect as cladding system of a modern ventilated façade, both for new buildings and for renovation, even of industrial buildings.

      Ideal in industrial construction

      Wavy panels

      The IOROI range offers all the flashing accessories useful for the correct managing of the rainwater. The great malleability and resistance of the alloy make of IOROI aluminium the better choice for the development and production of all the flashing accessories, even the most complex. The accessories of the system are available in all the colors of the range.

      A full range of accessories

      Flashing accessories

      La gamma IOROI offre tutti gli accessori necessari per gestire in libertà e sicurezza lo smaltimento delle acque meteoriche. L’estrema lavorabilità e resistenza della lega rendono l’alluminio IOROI ideale per lo sviluppo e la produzione di tutti gli elementi di lattoneria, anche dei più complessi. I componenti del sistema sono realizzati in tinta nei i vari colori disponibili.

      Our 45 years of expertise at your disposal.

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