Perfect for every project and architectural need

Lightness. Elegance. Malleability. Exclusivity. Warranty.

Alupluss means practicality, flexibility and beauty, born from the research, experimentation and production of Sacap. Alupluss aluminum is winning in terms of malleability, reliability and elegance.

Alupluss is available in different ranges, Elegant, Distinct and Similar and it is perfect for various applications: from simple sheet metal applications to more complex shapes and projects.

With Alupluss you can have:

  • a wide range of available accessories, like pipes, collars, tubes and all is needed for sheet metal applications;
  • different possibilities for roofs and façades of important buildings.

It's great resistance, it's performances and it's reliability are guaranteed by rigorous quality tests.

Alupluss keeps its characteristics unchanged in time, it does not change during bending process, it lasts at extreme temperatures and resists to atmospheric agents. The great advantage consists in the perfect combination of the natural resistance to the metal corrosion and the super polyester high colour resistance varnishes. All these elements make Alupluss the aluminum with the most high performances. It’s a very exclusive material that meets architects’ needs for prestigious renovations, new buildings marked by important design, thus enhancing every small or big space at the best.

Alupluss: pipes, tubes, collars, sliding elbows, terminals, hinges, tie-beams and any other accessories.

Alupluss Elegant


A brave choice! It’s the aluminum that gives shape to your ideas.

This is a range with hot tones tending to red, perfect for every architectural style.

Its force is given by its elegance, that increases the possibilities of use.


For those who love past but work for future.

It looks intense and linear, perfect for more classical and modern applications.

Light enhances its characteristics, creating architectural volumes and a game of reflexes and contrasts. Distinct is beauty unaltered in time.

Alupluss Distinct
Alupluss Similar


Alupluss to recover the beauty of tradition and innovation.

The classical copper effect, with a living look, this is the most chosen range. Traditional and innovative at the same time, it is a very good solution for new kind of applications.


20 years of Sacap warranty
for corrosion and colour variation.


  • Thickness mm 0.8 and 1.0 - AL 3005 H 14 for sheet metal applications and façades;
  • Thickness mm 0.7 - AL 3005 H12 for roofing;
  • Both responding to the regulations UNI EN 485.


  • Super polyester varnishes that have undergone tests for colour variation;
  • QUVA regulation EN 13520-10 - 2000 hours, with colour variation ≤ 3;
  • UV class resistance according to EN 10169/2 - RUV 3 on a scale of 4.
  • Thickness 0.7 width 650 and 1300;
  • Thickness 0.8 width 1000 and 1250;
  • Thickness 1.0 width 1000 and 1250;


Thanks to all Alupluss characteristics this product has a warranty of 20 years on corrosion and colour variation in conditions of normal environmental pollution and if installation rules are respected.

Our 45 years of expertise at your disposal.

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