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This information statement is provided by SACAP S.r.l. (Tax ID Code 00572030286 – Certified E-mail Address - e-mail, with registered office in Casalserugo (35020 - PD), Via Gramsci n. 24.


2.1 In accordance with the provisions of EU Reg. 2016/679, of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (as amended by Legislative Decree no. 101/2018), of the Provisions and indications of the Data Protection Authority and, in general, of the law on the confidentiality of personal data, this website processes navigation data and use of the site (in addition to any other information deriving from cookies and similar instruments). Furthermore, in particular, in the contact form, this website processes the user’s personal/identifying data (name, surname, object of the request etc.) and related contact details (e-mail address and telephone number).

2.2 The data entered in the specific contact form (personal data, contact data, etc.) are functional to give feedback to the requests sent by e-mail to the Data Controller, as well as for the exercise of any rights of the Data Subject also on the subject of privacy. Once contacted spontaneously by the user, the Data Controller can acquire and process the data entered for the aforementioned purpose.

2.3 This website also makes use of the so-called “cookies” (or similar instruments) aimed at collecting, storing and processing data to provide the specific services of this website, as well as for statistical analysis and personalized marketing. The type of cookies, their characteristics and functions (including the fact that they are first or third party cookies), the expiry date and the functional links to their qualification/deactivation are better specified in the following Cookie Policy.


3.1 The processing can be performed with or without the aid of electronic or automated instruments, always in compliance with the provisions of the regulations regarding the confidentiality of personal data, with particular reference to the provisions of Art. 32 EU Reg. 2016/679 imposing the adoption of technical/organisational measures appropriate to the risk. The processing is carried out by the individual data processors specifically appointed/authorized and/or various data processors specifically appointed, in any case under the supervision and according to the instructions of the Data Controller.

3.2 The legal bases for processing reside, with reference to the data transmitted to the Data Controller through the contact form, in the execution of a contract of which the Data Subject is a party (where existing) or of pre-contractual measures at the request of the same Data Subject (Art. 6 EU Reg. 2016/679 lett. B). In the marginal case where the contact of the Data Subject does not fall within the previous provisions, the processing will take place on the legal basis of the legitimate interest of the Data Controller (Art. 6 EU Reg. 2016/679 lett. F).

3.3 With reference to cookies, the legal basis of the processing lies in the legitimate interest of the Data Controller who has taken care to diligently apply the provisions of Articles 13 EU Reg. 2016/679 and 122 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (as specified in the Provisions of the Data Protection Authority of 8 May 2014) with reference to the anonymous required and/or analytical cookies and, as far as possible, in the specific consent of the Data Subject (through the specific banner) pursuant to the aforementioned specific regulatory provisions and rulings of the Data Protection Authority concerning cookies.


4.1 The provision of the common personal data referred to in this information statement, concerning the personal data collected/managed through the contact form, is not mandatory (neither contractually nor legally) but it is necessary/functional to provide the services requested. Any refusal by the Data Subject to provide the related personal data, or the incorrect communication of such data, makes it impossible to fulfil the aforementioned activities (if the data entry fields were marked with “*”) or the reduced operation of the same (if the data entry fields were not marked with “*”).

4.2 With reference to personal data collected through cookies, the provision of data is optional. With reference to technical or similar cookies (especially if they are functional to the correct use of the website), provided that they act automatically, it will be possible to act on the personal data collected in the manner indicated in the specific Cookie Policy. In any case, if you do not wish to provide your personal data in the future, even temporarily, you need to act on your browser settings or refrain from visiting the page.


5.1 n the case of mere pre-contractual measures or related services not relating to a contract already concluded of which the user concerned was a party or the execution of which was indirectly involved, if the cancellation/opposition was not legitimately requested, the data will be retained for the period necessary for the provision of the requested service and, in any case, to an extent and for a period not exceeding that necessary to guarantee to the Data Controller the possible defence of his rights. The Data Subject may at any time request from the Data Controller the immediate interruption of the processing of the data provided (except the possible legitimate interest of the Data Controller to preserve the defence of his rights). In the event that the processing took place in execution of a contract of which the user concerned was party or participant, if the cancellation/opposition was not legitimately requested, the data will be kept for a period of 10 years from the time of termination/conclusion, for any reason of the reciprocal contractual relationship. In the event that, after the termination/conclusion of the relationship, further processing of the data with regard to similar or related purposes is necessary, the data will be kept until the achievement/completion of the purposes of the new processing and for another 10 years.

5.2 The collection of personal data through cookies or similar instruments, except in the case of intervention on their collection/storage under the terms set out in the Cookie Policy, will have a duration equal to the expiry date indicated and their overall processing will not exceed the deadline necessary to carry out the specific function of each cookie or similar tool (any personalized marketing activity will not, in any case, be longer than 12 months).


6.1 Personal data may be communicated for such purposes to consultants and freelancers, also in associated form and specifically appointed (for example, business consultants, law firms etc.), public/private subjects for which the communication is mandatory or necessary in fulfilment of the statutory or functional obligations for the execution of the contract, if existing or even potential. Personal data collected is not subject to disclosure.

6.2 With reference to the personal data collected through cookies or similar instruments, they may be communicated to consultants and freelancers, including in associated and specifically appointed form, and to public/private subjects for which the communication is mandatory or necessary in fulfilment of statutory obligations. Knowledge of the aforesaid data may be acquired by any third party owner of cookies and the parties who collaborate in the organization and management of this website. Personal data collected in this way are not subject to disclosure.


EU Regulation 2016/679 grants the Data Subject specific rights, including that of access to their personal data and their communication in an intelligible form; the Data Subject also has the right to obtain the update, the rectification (if erroneous), the integration (if incomplete) or the deletion of the data (in case of unlawful processing), the portability of the data (right to receive or transmit the data to another Data Controller in a structured format, of common use, which can be read by an automatic device) revocation of consent (if legal basis for processing) the processing in anonymous form or the blocking/limitation of the data processed in violation of the law; the Data Subject has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the data. With reference to the processing of the data provided, if the Data Subject were to identify violations of the privacy laws, he or she will be entitled to complain to the Data Protection Authority. The Data Subject may exercise his or her rights by making a request to the Data Controller (also by requesting to receive the complete list of appointed Data Processors).





Cookies are information (small text strings) placed on your browser when a Website is visited. They perform several important functions within the network (execution of computer authentication, monitoring of sessions, storage of information on specific configurations concerning the users who access the server, storage of preferences etc). While browsing, the user could receive on his terminal cookies from different sites, set up directly by such websites administrators and used for the purposes and under the conditions defined by them.

Cookies are divided into technical cookies (enable Web browsing or provide the service required by the user), analytical cookies (collect information in an aggregated and statistical way) and profiling cookies (control the user’s browsing in order to track it and monitor/profile the user). Cookies can also be first-party (directly related to the Data Controller as indicated above) and third-party (related, in fact, to third parties such as could be Google, Facebook etc.).

Cookies, with reference to their expiration date, may be “session” (only last with reference to the browsing experience) or “persistent” (last even at the end of the browsing experience) always save any user interventions on Cookies settings/preservation on different websites/privacy policies or on the browser.



In detail, the website uses the following cookies:

_gat Statistics (anonymous) 10 minutes Google Ireland Limited European Union
_ga Statistics (anonymous) 2 years Google Ireland Limited European Union
_gid Statistics (anonymous) 24 hours Google Ireland Limited European Union
cmplz_all Functional 1 year - -
complianz_consent_status Functional 1 year - -
complianz_policy_id Functional 1 year - -
1P_JAR, ANID, NID, CGIC, CONSENT Marketing 1 year Google Ireland Limited European Union
DV Marketing 10 minutes Google Ireland Limited European Union


With specific reference to Google Analytics. This is a Web analytics service provided by Google Inc. and sends data to the Netherlands, which uses cookies that are stored on the user’s computer to allow aggregated statistical analysis in order to use the Website visited. The Data Controller has activated the function necessary to anonymize the IP address and undersigned the data processing amendment conforming to the European regulations established by Directive 95/46/EC. The data generated by Google Analytics is kept by Google as indicated in the information available at the following link “”; to view the privacy statement of Google Inc., owner of Google Analytics data processing, please refer to the following link “”. The following link is made available by Google the browser add-on for disabling Google Analytics “”.

In case of profiling or analytical cookies (if the IP address is not masked and only used for the use of the website) the Data Subject will be asked to give their consent to the cookies through the special banner that will appear at the time of access to the Web page in a format that constitutes an interruption of the browsing experience. Proceeding actively in the browsing or expressly accepting the cookies on the appropriate banner, a special technical cookie suitable to certify the consent will be issued (for as long as this cookie is stored, the consent banner does not reappear).



Excluding cookies that are strictly necessary for browsing, the user can delete cookies directly through their browser. Each browser has different procedures for managing settings.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click on the icon “Tools” in the top right corner and select “Internet options”. In the pop-up window, select “Privacy”. Here you can adjust your cookies settings.

Google Chrome

Click the wrench in the upper right corner and select “Settings”. At this point select “Show advanced settings” (“Under the hood“) and change the “Privacy” settings.

Mozilla Firefox

From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, select “Options”. In the pop-up window, select “Privacy”. Here you can adjust your cookies settings.


From the drop-down settings menu in the upper right corner, select “Preferences”. Select “Security” and here you can change the settings of your cookies.